Who I am

I have always been defined as ‘strange’, ‘different’. I certainly feel unique, but I believe everyone is. We should all feel that way.

The Wabi- sabi is the synapse that connects my soul to reality.

Everything in my life is connected with feelings. I listen to my body.

I was not even two years old in those photos and even then I had the pretension of choosing what to wear. I had to feel what I was wearing. I drove my mom crazy, she sewed her clothes and mine too, meticulously following all my whimsical requests.

It was not easy to be satisfied especially when confusedly and almost always in a hurry I commissioned her to modify my purchases. Yet she always succeeded.

I am firmly convinced that there is no style or originality without substance. Over time I have learned that elegance is a way of being and that a dress, whatever it is, is filled with the personality and then with the body.

Beauty is an experience. A dynamic event that manifests itself between oneself and others.

I am an equilibrist in the game of opposites, in life and in my work.

I am an esthete but perfection bores me. When I make my creations I am absent-mindedly careful to make them atypical. I don’t follow fashion, I feel it!

I am convinced that simplicity represents the global vision just as I believe that refinement instead represents the vision of the particular.

I conceived my clothes leaving a creative space in which to leave the mind free to move and think.

Without the person who decoded my ideas into models and inspired my creativity this would not have been possible.

Thanks Mom.