Legal Shipping and payment

Delivery time

Orders are processed the day after the date of purchase unless otherwise explicitly indicated on the site by courier with delivery in 24/48 hours.

Transport conditions

The company used to transport and deliver the material is the SDA Express Courier for Italy and DHL for abroad. We are not responsible for any late deliveries of the material if entrusted to the courier within the time frame provided for in this contract.


When the package arrives, it checks for signs of tampering. Otherwise accept the goods “with reserve”. No claim will be considered valid if reported 7 days after receipt of the material. Complaints sent to Customer Service by phone number 3477218127 or in writing (e-mail). No material must be returned without our authorization.


Paypal / Credit Card: it is the most well-known online payment system in the world that provides to pay with maximum security, in real time.

With Paypal, in fact, the retailer never sees the data of your credit card or account (which are written with a special system), but only the payment received. It is not necessary to have an account on Paypal, it is in fact possible to pay also by entering the data of your credit card in the specific page to which you are redirected.