The meaning of ‘Dakota’

Every experience in my life becomes an opportunity. Especially the most significant ones.
In one of my countless trips to the United States I had the great pleasure of meeting a person who taught me to smell the scent of a land. That trip changed me profoundly.

This man much older than me introduced me to the fascinating Native American culture.
Not knowing how to pronounce my name well, which made me smile every time, he started calling me Dakota.

He explained to me that it was a typically American female name and that calling one’s daughter with this name was a form of respect for this population.

In the Syoux language the term means ‘friend’.I was honored, especially when he listed the reasons why he thought I was a good fit for that name.
He told me I was sunny, strong and resourceful.

Later I inquired about the meaning of this name by surfing the web.
The Dakota woman is a person who knows what she wants. In the emotional sphere of her she is a fugitive, she is a little afraid of stable ties however she is very sympathetic to the weakest and you can always count on her.

“I’m different I wear Dakota”

is not a commercial slogan, I actually exclaimed this phrase while admiring the majesty of the Grand Canyon National Park. I was referring to the name, not a garment.

I remember that moment well, for the first time I really felt like Dakota.

Being different is not simply a way of saying, an expression that often boils down to an alibi for feeling good about yourself.

That day I understood that being different is a gesture, an act of courage to do towards ourselves to free ourselves from the standards that society imposes on us. But also towards the other, it is very important to accept oneself as much as to accept the diversity of others.

Evolution arises precisely from diversity.

Feeling different in that instant was a liberation. And I really was, I was free, I was wearing another name.

I wanted to remind myself of the feeling of that journey which is exactly what I feel every time I create a garment.

Curiosities about the logo

The thing they asked me most often after I launched my brand is the reason for the Dakotawear logo. A bull might seem like a bizarre idea to represent a women’s fashion brand, and the perhaps bizarre answer really is.

Is it because I argue that tenacity, resourcefulness and a little boldness lead to success? (no but I think so)

Maybe because taurus is my zodiac sign? (no but it is)

Maybe I consider myself a stubborn person, one who rages, one who to win it just has to happen that she is the one to grant it to you? (no but I am)

Or maybe I’m just a huge Chicago Bulls fan, madly in love with Michael Jordan?
Well, I… ☺️❤️♉

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