leni del vecchio
Leni Del Vecchio

Professional cameraman with over twenty years’ experience – DakotaWear official photographer.

The characteristic of Leni is to capture the essence of a person and immortalize it in a photo. He does not like post production or artificial lights, for him photography is just another dimension of reality, his art is also making it special.
“In his viewfinder you don’t see the person but a thought.”
His  Mood:
Photography, photo-writing, means writing with light. Photography, cinema, confer a kind of immortality, a pre-eminence to images and not to real life. (Herbert Marshall McLuhan)
Photography is an art; indeed it is more than an art, it is the solar phenomenon in which the artist collaborates with the sun. (Alphonse de Lamartine)
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Giacomo Iacolenna

A filmmaker, lover of cinema and everything related to the world of video.

He recently completed his first Independent Documentary entitled “Rony Roller Circus – Life & Magic” under the patronage of E.N.C. National Circus Authority.
He collaborated with the transmission Splendor on Cinema, Musica e Teatro, managed by Erma Pictures and broadcast on Iris and Premium Cinema, as editor and operator.
Transmission conducted by Mario Sesti.
His passion is video clips. He loves to think about them, create them, turn them and assemble them. In short, take care of every aspect.
For years he also deals with the Direction and Post Production of Classical Music Concerts of the Sacrum festival, at the Basilica of the Ara Coeli, directed by Maestro Jacopo Sipari of Pescasseroli.
Concerts broadcast by Sat2000, Telepace and Rai5.
His  Mood:
Anyone can be successful. If you keep repeating it a few times, you can have it too. (John Lennon)
My first film was so bad that in seven American states had replaced the death penalty. (Woody Allen)
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giorgia lucci

Giorgia Lucci
My name is Giorgia Lucci I am of Abruzzese origin, lover of the Sea and Art in all its forms, in 2004 I fell in love with the Island of San Pietro, this visceral love led me to move in 2017 and to finally realize the dream of my life by deciding to open my boutique / laboratory in this splendid setting which is Carloforte. I wanted to create a new way of shopping, always wishing for a shop that was particular, precisely for this reason you can find “envy me boutique” as well as the Made in Italy and the goodies of fashion companies selected by continuous research in evolution , a welcoming place where you can breathe Art and Craftsmanship is the master. I believe that in this era where everything is now the same and standardized, there must necessarily be a return to manual work carried out with love and passion, where the customer is pampered and advised, giving those with a strong personality the opportunity to be the protagonist of the his choices, for this reason I like to make particular items that are born simple, such as Levi’s 501, t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, socks, hats, scarves, jackets etc … through hand-painted, thread embroidery and various applications, so that anyone can feel Unique and Original. It is a physical place & a virtual showcase where your idea can be realized and there are no borders, if not in your mind. You have no ideas? … Do not worry you will find many already made, just choose the one that best suits you.
Her  Mood:

Remember … it’s always the detail that makes the difference!

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Whatsapp +39 328.9042577